Beatriz Felício, the new soul of traditional Fado,  has just released her self-titled debut album. “Beatriz Felício,” edited by the Fado Museum, marks the young fado singer’s debut with original works, featuring songs written by great Portuguese lyricists, ranging from the new generations as well as renowed names in Fado, such as Francisco Guimarães, Teresinha Landeiro, Tiago Correia, Helder Moutinho, António RochaPaulo Valentim, Carlos Leitão The composition and arrangements were handled by the Fado composer Ângelo Freire.

“When comparing the early recordings of Beatriz Felício with those on this album, it is evident that there is not only a clear evolution in her embrace of the words and style, but also in her command of vocal nuances, with a good tone and without excesses. If at 25 years old she is already at this level, the coming years can only bring her more benefits.” – Público Newspaper

The new album includes previously released tracks “A canção da Bia,” “Inverno sem lareira,” and “Poema do Amor Corrido,” which have been very well received by the public and critics, positioning Beatriz Felício as a promising young talent in Fado.

About her debut album, Beatriz Felício states: “This is where I will show what I’m made of, what I like, what I sing, what I do, who Beatriz Felício is. I truly believe in what is here. This is me, there’s no discussion about it, they managed to bring out the best in me. I hope you can listen to it with your eyes closed. I love music and adore people. I want to believe that I am a best of everything I have lived, from the influences of street music – which, if we squeeze well, is also fado – to the great Portuguese fado singers.”

Beatriz will go on tour with her debut album, bringing her story and her Fado all around the world.

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