Pedro Caldeira Cabral

Pedro Caldeira Cabral is a mandatory name in Portuguese music. In more than 50 years of career, he has developed a deep study of the history of the Portuguese Sitar with the aim of revaluing the Portuguese instrument, integrating it into the European musical tradition, from the 16th century up to nowadays. In this regard, he recovered its old name and its repertoire from the Renaissance to contemporary musical expressions. Researcher, composer, writer, collector and guitar player, PEDRO CALDEIRA CABRAL reinvents himself on stage in Trio, Duo or Solo formations, in educational projects such as “Travelling the sounds of Memory” or “The Art of Musical Instruments in Middle Ages” or in collaborative projects dedicated to early music such as “Concerto Atlântico” and “La Batalla”, both under his direction. His stage experience, both nationally and internationally, his discography, his programs and his talent make his shows unforgettable cultural moments.


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