O Gajo

A new sound for the traditional portuguese “viola campaniça”.

João Morais started to play guitar when he was 25 years old, participating in several bands with the punk rock scene. In 2016, João started his solo project O GAJO (that means “THE DUDE”, in portuguese), which is inspired by his world music references.His latest album “Subterrâneos” (2021), has the featuring of Carlos Barretto and José Salgueiro, two renowned portuguese musicians.  O GAJO had already crossed borders, participating in a few international events, such as EUROSONIC, REEPERBAHN, IMATERIAL Festival and WOMEX 2021, which shows that his music is absolutely international and surprising. 

In 2023 starts a fourth cycle that takes us to a space of experimentation and transition, a “No Place” (“Não Lugar”). “Não Lugar” is the name of the album that will arrive at the beginning of the year and provides a new cycle of viola campaniça’s exploration through various featurings and surprising sounds. Without formalities or bias, O GAJO’s musical journey continues to break down barriers, always in transition with the biggest focus on music. Fasten your seat belts!


José Morais
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Sara Simões
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