O Gajo

The project O Gajo was born from João Morais’ inspiration from World Music references. Previously linked to punk rock, he discovered in the Viola Campaniça the intersection of his urbanity with traditional root music. In 2017, he released “Longe do Chão,” his debut album, and two years later, 4 EPs: “Rossio,” “Santa Apolónia,” “Cais do Sodré,” and “Alcântara Terra,” followed by “Subterrâneos,” his second full-length album, in 2021. In 2023, “Não Lugar” brought the exploration of various latitudes, mixing the Viola Campaniça with various instruments, an adventure that also gave rise to a parallel project with Ricardo Vignini. “Terra Livre” brought together the union of both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal and Brazil, combining O Gajo’s Viola Campaniça with Ricardo Vignini’s Viola Caipira. Throughout this journey, O Gajo has performed at European festivals such as EUROSONIC, REEPERBAHN, Festival IMATERIAL, WOMEX, and more recently at MUMI in 2023. Their music was recognized last year with the “Mais Alentejo” Award and, just this year, with the INATEL Award from the Iberian Festival Awards. O Gajo is preparing a new show, accompanied by percussion, and studying new formations that will expand the possibilities of the Viola Campaniça.


José Morais
+351 914 764 548

Luís Pardelha
+351 917 277 790

Sara Simões
+351 961 369 299

Tânia Monteiro
+351 918 950 046

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