Lura is an indispensable voice of the Lusophone world. She conquered the world with the massive success of “Nariná” and heavyweight collaborations with Cesária Évora, Bonga, or Angelique Kidjo, amassing over 25 years of career. Last year, Lura embarked on a new chapter in her story with the album “Multicolor,” an ode to diversity and multiculturalism, uniting Portugal and Cape Verde through her infectious voice and energy. Portugal, France, Turkey, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands are some of the countries that “Multicolor” has already visited, presented both in formats for large crowds and in a more intimate show designed for theaters and auditoriums, where Lura creates a closer relationship with her audience.


José Morais
+351 914 764 548

Luís Pardelha
+351 917 277 790

Sara Simões
+351 961 369 299

Tânia Monteiro
+351 918 950 046

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