LURA has Portugal and Cape Verde in her voice. Born in Lisbon with Cape Verdean parents, she drank from the two cultures of her life, becoming the only artist in her family. At the age of 21, LURA released “Nha Vida”, her debut album, very appreciated by the public and the media, and in 2004 released “Di Korpo ku Alma”, the result of her return to Cape Verdean origins and memories, which conquered the world with the huge success of “Nariná”. From an early age, LURA signed many featurings with great names from World Music, such as Cesária Évora, Bonga, Richard Bona, Gotan Project, among many others. Nowadays, with more than 25 career years, LURA is starting a “revolution” in her life, working on a new album with new sounds, but also without forgetting her roots and hits. 

LURA’s voice is unmistakable, contaminating the public worldwide with her amazing performances, overturning all boundaries of style, place and time.


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