Scheduled for March 2023, Leonor Baldaque’s debut album is a poetic diary of the artist, about her dreams, feelings and experiences. A love letter for poetry and life. With a dozen extraordinary songs in English, the album reveals a beautiful voice, served by the interpretive power of the film actress, giving life to beautiful melodies, which perfectly embrace her poems. In this first record built as a diary, part of the world of Leonor Baldaque, told through the filter of poetry. Leonor experiences as an actress and writer are very present on the way she interprets her songs and writes her poems. Her songwriting explores new avenues, at the same time that dialogues with tradition. Leonor Baldaque is an actress and writer born in Porto, living in Paris for over twenty years, who also lived in Italy, which reflects the European way of living in her writing.

As an actress, Leonor Baldaque was the protagonist of several Manoel Oliveira films, since she was 19 years old. In 2003, she was named one of the European Shooting Stars by the European Film Promotion and received the Best Actress Qward from the GDA Foundation for her participation in “A Religiosa Portuguesa”, by the filmmaker Eugène Green, in 2009.

As a writer, Leonor writes in French, and in January 2012 her debut novel Vita (La Vie Légère) was published by the prestigious publishing house Gallimard. In 2020, the distinguished and exclusive publisher Verdier published her second novel Piero Solitude. Her third novel is already being prepared for publication.

In 2023, Leonor Baldaque is presenting a new facet, as a singer and songwriter. The debut album recording is taking place at the Arda Recorders Studios, in Oporto.


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