Filho da Mãe

Honest and crude music – a unique way of playing guitar.

Filho da Mãe is Rui Carvalho ‘s alter ego: an archeologist turned into musician.

Genius, original and with a great power of abstraction, obsession for guitar lines in continuous movement in different contexts and environments, you can hear the street, the people passing by, you can hear the city, the sea, the silence and a whole imaginary that sometimes leaves us breathless!

In April 2022 his sixth  album of originals named “Terra dormente” (Numb Earth) will be released. Inspired by recent rough times, the lack of discernment of what was real and unreal and our internal fights, this album was created between Lisbon and the Alentejo region, with the electric demon (electric guitar) and the acousting angel (acoustic guitar).

Each performance is impressive as his mesmerising technique is presented in a very honest and crude way leaving no one untouched.


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