Club Makumba

After making appearances at major national and international festivals such as NOS ALIVE, FMM – Sines, Festival F, Festival Med, Eurosonic (Netherlands), Das Fest (Germany), Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (France), or BIME (Bilbao – Spain), Club Makumba released “Sulitânia Beat” in January, their highly anticipated second full-length album, marking the consolidation of dance as an act of resistance. Tó Trips (guitar), João Doce (drums), Gonçalo Prazeres (saxophone), and Gonçalo Leonardo (bass and double bass) present a free and spontaneous musical exercise capable of infecting everything and everyone at their live concerts, taking “Sulitânia Beat” to break barriers around the globe.



José Morais
+351 914 764 548

Luís Pardelha
+351 917 277 790

Sara Simões
+351 961 369 299

Tânia Monteiro
+351 918 950 046

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