Cassete Pirata

Cassete Pirata were born in 2016 in Lisbon by the hands of five friends united by jazz, willing to write and discover new songs in Portuguese, in a return to the references, landscapes and sounds that we all have in common. The band brings together the creativity of João Firmino’s (Pir) — voice and guitar —, the firm hand of the bassist António Quintino, the shattering beat of João Pinheiro’s drums and the sensitivity of Margarida Campelo and Joana Espadinha voices and keyboards.

The debut album “A Montra”, released in 2019, was considered one of the best of the year for Antena 3 national radio station, with the singles “Chora-Mãe”, “Ferro e Brasa” and “Outro Final Qualquer” paving the way for the revelation of their music.

Their latest album “A semente” released in October 2021, is the result of a long period of self-conscious and introspection, created in a time when people are disconnected from the world, from the simple and calm life in community, walking in a dangerous path of individuality and selfishness that needs to be thwarted.



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