Beatriz Felício

Beatriz Felício was drawn to Fado during her childhood and has been shaping her own artistic identity without ever losing sight of tradition. It was in the Fado houses of Lisbon that she learned from the elders and chose her references, such as Amália Rodrigues, Fernanda Maria, or Carminho. Currently, we can hear her singing in the most iconic Fado houses in Lisbon, and she has also begun her international journey, taking Fado beyond borders. She won the “Novos Talentos Ageas Award” in 2022, the same year she performed at the opening ceremony of WOMEX. In 2023, she released her first single under her own name, “A canção da Bia” (Bia’s Song), on the same day she took the stage at the main venue of the Santa Casa Alfama Festival, and now she is preparing to release her highly anticipated debut album.


José Morais
+351 914 764 548

Luís Pardelha
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Sara Simões
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Tânia Monteiro
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