Beatriz Felício

The freshness of youth with one foot in tradition. Born into a family with no connections to music, Beatriz Felício is a good surprise for Fado. At the age of 7, Beatriz discovered she wanted to be a fado singer and it was at the Lisbon Fado Houses that she learned with the elders and chose her references: Amália Rodrigues, Fernanda Maria, Teresa tarouca, Lucília do Carmo, Ana Moura and Carminho. Nowadays, we can hear her singing in the most iconic Fado Houses, such as “Mesa de Frades”, “O Faia”, “Parreirinha de Alfama”, “Casa de Linhares” and “Fado Menor”.

In 2022, Beatriz Felício won the “Ageas New Talents Award”, a partnership between Casa da Música Foundation and Ageas Group, which supports young musicians with high quality projects.

Her voice has the freshness of a young woman, but always rooted in tradition, crating a unique identity of her own.


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