ANAVITÓRIA is one of the most prosperous Brazilian duos from the last few years, and they’re really successful in Portugal. Since 2017, they have performed in some of the biggest Portuguese events and Lisbon, due to the hit ‘Trevo (Tu)’, featuring Diogo Piçarra, which was the third most played song on Portuguese Radios, winning the Latin Grammy for Best Song in Portuguese Language. At the age of 27, friends Ana Clara Caetano and Vitória Falcão have already conquered a place in the pantheon of contemporary Brazilian pop music. With more than 3.5 million followers on Spotify, 2.4 million on Youtube and 1.7 million on Instagram, they are a serious case of success, fantasy and magic.


José Morais
+351 914 764 548

Luís Pardelha
+351 917 277 790

Tânia Monteiro
+351 918 950 046

Sara Simões
+351 961 369 299