A Azenha

A Azenha is an illustrated show, made by the talented duo Filho da Mãe and Cláudia Guerreiro.

The music is provided by the guitar of Filho da Mãe and the visual part by the plastic artist Cláudia Guerreiro, and according to them, “Azenha is a sensitive journey to a place in Alentejo, Portugal, talking about cosmic and intuitive love in places where we all belong, on earth or in space, day or night, because our homes are where love exists.”

Rui and Cláudia talk about their love (as friends and as husband and wife), with the joint venture of his guitar and her illustrations. Cáudia paints, creates colour and paper scenes, using paper figures in the form of puppets and moves light in a glass, which is recorded and projected, while Rui’s guitar is the voice of the story. Everything in real time.


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